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Welcome to IELT - Interactive English Language Tests

Welcome to IELT - Interactive English Language Tests. We are responsible for the management and administration of the Test of Interactive English (TIE) and the English Test for Academic and Professional Purposes (ETAPP). The aim of this website is to provide information about the examinations as well as support for teachers preparing candidates.


The Test of Interactive English (TIE) is an international EFL exam developed in Ireland by a group of Irish English language professionals under the aegis of the Advisory Council for English Language Schools (ACELS), a government agency which was responsible at that time for quality assurance in English language teaching. TIE can be taken by junior and adult students on either short or long courses in Ireland as well as abroad.

The English Test for Academic and Professional Purposes (ETAPP) has been developed, trialled, and piloted to exacting standards by IELT. in collaboration with ACELS and under the guidance of international experts in the field of language testing and assessment. It has been specifically designed for students who wish to study in a third level institution and for professionals who wish to enhance their professional profile by demonstrating a competence in English. For more information on ETAPP please click


TIE has been designed for all students over the age of 18 of all abilities and motivations following either long or short courses in language schools or other educational institutions. TIE is a learner-centred exam which is flexible, i.e., designed to recognise and accommodate the needs and interests of each learner whatever their level of English, age, cultural or educational background. The test is task-based with the content chosen by each individual learner and can therefore be used to assess learners with the following needs and motivations:

  • learners of English for general purposes;
  • learners of English for vocational, professional or academic purposes;
  • learners of English as a second language.

Junior TIE (JTIE)

Junior TIE is designed for all students attending secondary schools. In all other respects the preparation and conduct of the exam is similar to TIE – any procedural changes are explained in the teachers’ guidelines.

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Some of the key services we offer to schools either offering or planning to offer TIE are:

  • Biannual presentations on TIE to teachers and other interested parties
  • Leaflets that can be put in Students' welcoming packs
  • Handbooks for teachers and school principals


To request a copy of any of the following publications free of charge please send an e-mail with your name and full postal address to

  • TIE Handbook
  • TIE Teachers Handbook
  • TIE Student Guidelines

TIE and ETAPP are administered by IELT. TIE is recognised by ACELS, a service of Quality and Qualifications Ireland, a statutory body of the Dept. of Education and Skills. For more information on either exam, please contact Gráinne Barton at

Gráinne Barton - Director

45 Leeson Street Lower, Dublin 2.
Tel: 00 353 1 662 5991,
Fax: 00 353 1 6765687,


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